A Timeline of Menokin

Menokin Visitors Guide

Menokin: An Essay, Camille Wells, Menokin Afield, Winter, 1997

Menokin Piece by Piece , Ed Chappell, Menokin Afield, Winter, 1997

A Tale of Two Houses , Camille Wells (1997)

Menokin Prospect Orientation and Outside Finish , Ed Chappell, Menokin Afield, January 1999

Under Their Own Vine, Camille Wells, Menokin Afield, 2002

Menokin: Virginia’s Most Unusual Preservation Adventure, Calder Loth, Banner Lecture Presented at the Virginia Historical Society, Nov. 16, 2006. Reprinted in the Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. LVII, Montross, Westmoreland County, Va., Dec. 2007.

The Business History of the Tayloe Family, Laura Croghan Kamoie, Menokin Afield, Summer 2008

2008 Archaeology Field Season (DATA Investigations)

2009 Archaeology Field Season (DATA Investigations)

Menokin’s Hidden Population Research report, Ligon Brooks, 2009

Menokin’s Interior Woodwork Overview web article, Sarah Pope, 2007

Paint Analysis, Susan Buck, 2002

Originial Menokin-Revolutionary Dowery May 2010, Andrew Packett, Northern Neck Electric Cooperatve Living Magazine, May 2010.

Botanical Survey of Menokin, Lise Maring, Northern Neck Chapter of the Master Naturalists


Francis Lightfoot Lee, The Incomparable Signer. Alonzo Dill, The Virginia Independence Bicentennial Commission, Williamsburg, VA, 1977.

Irons in the Fire: The Business History of the Tayloe Family & Virginia’s Gentry, 1700-1860, Laura Croghan Kamoie, University of Virginia Press, 2007.

The Lees of Menokin (a biographical novel about Francis Lightfoot Lee and Rebecca Tayloe), Suzanne Hadfield Semsch,, 2009.


Volume I Summary – Concept and Planning Phase (2013)