Oral Histories of the Northern Neck

Oral histories are stories that living individuals tell about their past, or about the past of other people. Preserving oral history is a critical phase of data preservation. Because those who provide the information are generally older members of the family, both their lives and their memories are at risk of being lost to time.

Oral histories can reveal stories, anecdotes, family and community traditions, songs, and information associated with pictures, documents and other records. as guidance, not as the ultimate source, because memories often fade and facts get confused with other facts. Sometimes, however, the information you obtain through oral interviews exists nowhere else and must be taken at face value. Of particular value are the stories, anecdotes, and family traditions, songs, and especially information associated with pictures, documents, and other records.

The Menokin Foundation is making it a priority to interview patriarchs and matriarchs of Northern Neck families as well as their relatives, neighbors and acquaintances to gather these stories for all to hear. And before they disappear.

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