Who We Are

MENOKIN IS A NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK: the 1769 home of Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Francis Lightfoot Lee and Rebecca Tayloe Lee. This former manor house remains one of Virginia’s best examples of original colonial architecture. Built near the Rappahannock River, the ruin is nestled among 500 nearly-untouched acres of historical landscape, 325 of which are part of the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The Menokin Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is supported wholly by philanthropic contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

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What We Do

OUR MISSION is to use the historic ruin and the surrounding built and natural environments to transcend the traditional house museum experience. We use contemporary methods to create opportunities for the public to contemplate and explore the building of America.

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Why We Do It

OUR VISION is to be one of the most engaging destinations for historic preservation and interpretation. Our creative approach reimagines how individuals connect to history and promotes provocative dialogue around our nation’s founding ideals and realities.

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Our Values


We value the objective interpretation of our nation’s history and encourage open, honest, and respectful dialogue about how it has shaped the world we live in today.


We value learning experiences that enrich, engage, and inform and we believe in the power of discovery through scholarship.


We value the unique and novel expression of the people, places, and ideals that have shaped our nation.


We value the journey. We believe in discovery, adventure, and boundless interpretation of the world we live in.


We value our role as caretakers of this historical landmark and all that it represents.