Table, Chairs & Stoneware Back at Menokin

On July 15, 2009, Douglas Forrest Barnes donated a nineteenth century walnut table, chairs and stoneware container to The Menokin Foundation. The table dates to c. 1830 and the chairs to c. 1850.  The stoneware container has not yet been dated.  The furnishings are now on display at the King Conservation and Visitors Center.

These items belonged to the Belfield family who owned Menokin from 1879 to 1935.  The table and chairs were used in the first floor, northwest room of Menokin, which by the twentieth century was converted to an indoor kitchen.  The stoneware container came from a barn that stood in a field to the east of the house.

Mrs. Barnes, the donor, was reared in Richmond County and her mother, Moss Belfield Forrest, was a relative of Susie and A.H. Belfield.   Mr. and Mrs. Belfield bequeathed Menokin to Stuart Omohundro in 1935.  Stuart Omohundro, also a relative of the donor, was the last occupant of the house before its collapse in the 1960s.

In 1952, Stuart Omohundro gave the table, chairs and stoneware container to Mrs. Barnes, who displayed the items in her Mechanicsville, Virginia, home for over 50 years before donating them to The Menokin Foundation.

Menokin Foundation Executive Director Sarah Dillard Pope said, "We are thrilled to have furnishings from Menokin's Belfield period and thank Mrs. Barnes and her family for this very special donation."

Menokin Home



Mrs. Douglas Forrest Barnes and her family

Douglas Forrest Barnes with her great-granddaughter Meredith and grandson-in-law Brian at Menokin on July 15, 2009.

table and chairs

Table, chairs and stoneware on display next to Menokin's original joinery at the KIng Center.